Research Details

Synthesis of nanosize ceramic oxide powders

The focus of research is on the identification of suitable precursors for the synthesis of novel oxide materials as well as generating advanced process data.

Dispersion of nano powders

Many of the popular applications of nanosize powders require them to be dispersed in a liquid medium. One of the key areas of research at the center is to formulate stable dispersions of various nano powders in aqueous and non aqueous media. The effort is to disperse the particulates in the liquid media as individual crystallites of less than 10nm size.

Fabrication of ceramic and metallic gas separation membranes with nanoporous, catalytic surfaces

Our unique technology is being used to fabricate nanoporous, catalytic surface coatings on gas separation membranes. The nanoporous surface enhances the permeation rate of the membranes and has the potential to reduce their sensitivity to poisons. The center is working with different materials and nanoporous surfaces for the fabrication of oxygen and hydrogen separation membranes.

Fabrication of nanoporous sensors

Nanoporous materials can respond to atmospheric changes much faster than dense films. The molecular decomposition approach facilitates the fabrication of nanoporous thin films for sensing of oxygen, NOx, humidity, etc. The center is investigating this approach for the fabrication of sensors with improved sensitivity.

Synthesis of Reformer Catalysts

We are engaged in research to develop nano catalysts for reformers. Different approaches are being investigated for the incorporation of fine platinum and/or nickel on high surface area cerium oxide and yttria stabilized zirconia nanosize powders. The powders will be evaluated as catalysts in steam reforming of natural gas.

Fabrication of polymer-ceramic composite proton conducting membranes with improved temperature stability

The loss of moisture from the electrolyte membrane and the resulting degradation in performance are key issues when PEMFC’s are operated at elevated temperatures. The center has ongoing research to fabricate composite membranes in which nano oxide powders are dispersed in a proton conducting polymeric matrix to improve the thermal stability of the membrane.


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