Iron Oxide (ferrous ferric oxide)

Molecular formula: Fe3O4

Iron(II,III) oxide or ferrous ferric oxide (Fe3O4): better known as the black-coloured mineral magnetite or lodestone also seen on Mars. Also a main source of iron, magnetite is an iron ore. This form of iron oxide tends to occur when iron corrodes underwater, and so is often found inside tanks or below the waterline of ships.

 14-025  Iron Oxide (ffo) - 25g  Nano-Powder  $120.00  
 14-050  Iron Oxide (ffo) - 50g  Nano-Powder  $215.00  
 14-100  Iron Oxide (ffo) - 100g  Nano-Powder  $411.00  
 14-250  Iron Oxide (ffo) - 250g  Nano-Powder  $973.00  

NOTE: Production time is approximately 3-weeks on this item.
Quantites greater than 250g will require additional production time.

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Iron Oxide (ferrous ferric oxide)

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